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Enter “Indonesian web standards evangelist” as keywords on Google and you will see that his page is number one. He is Boy Avianto. Recently graduated as Master of Science in Digital Media (Lubeck, Germany) he actually got his bachelor degree in Architecture (Bandung, Indonesia) just like me. His first post on a blog was on September 3, 2000 (on Blogger I think). Coincidentally or ironically or whatever expression there may be, he also stop blogging on the same date five years later. That is September 3, 2005 with his last post titled 5. So here is his first post.

at last, this place is alive again…
i hope i can update this as often as possible.

from now on, i try to put daily update which can be everything that i could think of.
all link suppose to work well, but the content is still under some development, so please, be patient.

until then, enjoy this place…

And this is his last post.

The same date, 5 years ago, I wrote my first journal entry on this small website. It was starting as an effort to keep my personal website regularly updated and to create an occasional escape hatch during my bachelor’s final project months.

With that humble start, this journal was growing into something that I wasn’t even realized before. I use this journal mostly to dump my thought, opinion or everything else, a junkyard for the mind.

To my amazement, this place give me more than just a brain dump, it introduced me with some interesting people, it put me as one of the longest Indonesian blogger, who write in English, it gave me numerous jobs and freelancing opportunities and also it serve me as the archive of my life during the previous 5 years.

So I guess, I deserve yet another break. With my current unfortunate situation is kinda hard to write or even to think about something interesting. Yes, I know I said that I will be all right, but it just too hard to bear that I don’t think I will be able to maintain clear mind long enough to write something worth reading. I will not write about my frustration, depression and desperate situation anymore as the more I wrote about them, the more I become depressed, but I also couldn’t write about… well, anything else. So I decide this is the right time to call it quit for some unknown timeframe.

It was an amazing experience and for me, the value of the experience is priceless. I thank you all of my regular reader and sorry for not be able to continue writing. All of the archives are left intact so there will be no missing link in case someone found my entry was interesting enough and linked them.

So farewell. It’s been a pleasure. Until we meet again. Avianto’s out.

Goodluck in everything you do. Until we meet again.


Remember the orange “B” favicon on your blog? Most of the newbie blogger use it. Some of my friends still use it. Well, what do you know? Many old-time bloggers start their journey here. So did I. That is Blogger and this is the first post of the once called “head blogger guy”. Evan Williams is (was) the co-founder and CEO of Pyra Labs who created Blogger in 1999 (later being acquired by Google on 2003). His first post was a short post with no actual title (except what the permalink stated as “I just got new DSL connection via” which was the first line of that post). The date was February 4, 1999. Here it is.

I just got a new DSL connection via PacBell Internet. I had my doubts — dealing with the phone company and all — that it was ever going to happen, and there were some snafus: they did keep their appt. (2 weeks after I’d ordered it), but the 2-hour installation stretched into six (and still wasn’t completed). The installer was pretty clueless. But it was all worth it. It’s the “slow” one: 384k – 1.5mb downstream/128k upstream ($49/month), but oh-my-god is it fast! Faster even than most corporate connections I’ve been on. I’ve dreampt of this day. The world is a brighter place! :)

Oh yes Ev, the world is a brighter place now :) Here is what Evan himself said over email.

Hi, Eric. Sounds cool.

Yes, that was my first *public* post. Evhead was my own private note-taking space, living on my desktop, before I made it public. The script I used to publish it was repurposed for an internal blog at Pyra, then turned into a public blog for Pyra, then turne into Blogger. (Evhead was moved over to Blogger a few months later.)


[Thanks to Evan and thanks, Puji for the link]

Hanindyo Notohatmodjo a.k.a Dicky or Hanin is our closest friend. Officialy, he has begun his public blogging on 8th March 2005 and because of one and other reasons he decided to stop blogging at 14th October 2005. Maybe some of you, has claimed this blog as a blog which is only collecting the first post from famous bloggers, but we don’t. We’re trying to appreciate the first effort, the first journey of all bloggers when they were ready to take off into the blogosphere. As the appreciation to Hanin, we don’t have any remarkable goodbye words to say and as the substitution we present you the first post (in Indonesian) and the last post of him. Here’s the beginning…

udah lamaa banget pengen punya domain sendiri, hosting sendiri dengan movable type dan lain sebagainyaaa akhirnya ada jg yang baik hati nyedian typepad gratis, sayang kenapa juga pake iklan, ga ada yah yang bener-bener gratis..

hari ini mid exam intro to int’l relations.. masih 101 gitu advance banget ga sih..tapi ama Banyu lumayan juga ..kebiasan dikasi framework di strategic studies kali yah..capek-capek bikin tugas tau-nya ga boleh dikumpulin, padahal di course schedule-nya dibilang before the mid exam, Darn, it’s still 9:35 in the morning dan terus dengan enteng bilang udah diralat dikelas..kuping gw yang lagi jalan-jalan atau emang lg kebetulan ga masuk..ya udah lah ya..lagipula cuma 10% dari nilai, tunggu aja di final exam & paper gw ntar.. ngancem gitu ceritanya, tp ga papa buat motivasi lah..

ke fasnet, lagi-lagi gw terbengong-bengong dengan posting hasil seleksi masteryoga I-5, bener-bener gw emang pemalas dan harus tahu diri, ayo rajin latihan yakk ..

cedera kaki-nya ketut kambuh lagi gara-gara aerobic, dan gw turut sukses menyumbangkan penderitaan dengan lupa mengganti obat kamuh :( apa tuh meloxicam ama nutriflam yah mana mahal lagi.. Maaf ya, aku kelamaan kamu jadi kambuh..

sore nemenin Ketut berenang, udaranya dingin banget, mana lupa bawa jaket..kebiasaan buruk musti diubah nih.

oiya rabu yang lalu gw diwawancara sama dheita, temen bimbingan umptn jaman dulu yang seharusnya juga kuliah di HI Unpar (kasihan kau dheit, fikom memang jahanamm :P ) disitu dia ngewawancara mengenai Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa untuk diajuin sebagai artikel di Suplemen Kampus edisi Jabar Media Indonesia.. ya mengurai satu persatu sampai lumayan detail mengenai Atman Yoga. Disini ada orang usil bernama Siska (mau dipanggil dengan Siska aja, dengan ‘K’ dan bukan dengan ‘C’ later on Ketut gave her last name : Eleanor– dapet dari mana Tut ? sounds like Shelbys GT to me :P) anyway dia usil nanya mau dong diajarin soal Yoga…mampus deh gw tanggepin serius, makanya jangan usil ya sis :P Dari awal ketemu Siska ini rasanya di hati enak, selalu penuh senyum dan cukup punya Kasih di hati yang dibagikan pada customernya :) bla…bla..bla..akhirnya kerasa kaya kenal udah lamaaa banget, meskipun kayanya lebih deket ke ketut sih ya..tapi saat gw ngeliat dia, kaya ngeliat kakak gw sendiri..

And at last…

Every beginning has an end.

So this it…

I quit blogging.

thanks for reading my posts after all this time.

May The Force be with you, Hanin.

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If you see colorful fruits image on a blog, you probably just visited this guy’s blog. He is Jeff Gates or better known as his blog title, Life Outtacontext. My little digging work has brought me to his archive where I found his first post I am COTR on February 9, 2001. As the latest routine, I personally e-mailed Jeff, and this is what I got in return.

Eric, thanks for the email.

Yes, 000115.shtml was my first post. HOWEVER, my second post ( really set the stage for a major part of my writing (and it’s one of my favorite pieces).

Sure, feel free to publish my first post. But consider publishing the second as it’s more indicative of where my blog went.

Boy, those were the days. I was publishing a blog seven months before Movable Type debuted. What was I thinking? -grin

Best, Jeff

Thanks Jeff. Certainly. We are not only looking for the very first post but also the very first post that set motion to your blogging time. So this time it’s a bit different. This is his second post Underground Magic on February 22, 2001.

As we walked through the door she began her incantation. Raising her hands before her, eyes closed, she began:

I wish, I wish with all my heart
To fly with dragons in the land of heart

I stared, transfixed, as she repeated her words again and again. I knew her chant from her favorite cartoon show. And I took special note of a four year old’s version of an often-heard rhyme.

Her eyelids moved to the beat of her voice. When she stopped her eyes slowly opened and looked at me. “Now, I’ll teach you how to make a wish. If you say it two times, you get to make two wishes.?

I smiled a deep smile. It had been a tough day at work and if this was a sign of things to come, I couldn’t have asked for a better one! I looked around, suddenly aware we weren’t alone. We were on stage, as my 4 year old daughter and I always were, in the subway car on our commute home.

Only one man had taken notice of us. Considering the strength of my daughter’s voice, I was surprised more people weren’t watching us. As she chanted he smiled, but stifled it and looked away whenever our eyes met. I was now enjoying both of them. The dance between her recital and his face was something special. When we arrived at his station, he stopped just long enough to say what an amazing spirit she had. I was sorry to see him go.

This was the second performance of the day. On our morning commute, as we rode the slow elevator to the surface, she and I were packed tightly with others. In the public/private solitude, traditional in this venue, she suddenly broke the rules by loudly proclaiming “I love you, daddy!? in her best theatrical voice.

The smiles were audible and I felt like her carnival accomplice, her shill, trying to bring unsuspecting people into our fold. She, of course, knew exactly what she was doing.

That is a nice post.

p.s. For those of you visiting Jeff’s blog, I’ll give you a little tip. You may also want to try the index page. The My favourite is the story of his past. Enjoy :)

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Hi man,…It’s time for joke and unserious thingy. It’s time for Bastardly! Bastardly is a gossip blog (isn’ it, huh?) or whatever type of blog where you could find everything about bitch in the whole universe. It’s more like a bitching central rather than the usual boring blog (huh?). Certainly. It’s more fun and challanging rather than our slave job, who are just raping the other’s first post rather than enjoying the beautiful legs of Paris Hilton, the kinky nipples (oops!…sorry girl) of Bai Ling, the nasty (you have to admit it, girl) boobs of Lindsay Lohan. Please… stooop! I’m not speaking for bastardly, I’m speaking for First Post! blog. Bastardly dudes are Moe, Jackson, and Mellisa and their first post is back to 11th May 2004 on Work Life. Hey, I’m lying when I told you about the boring job of digging first posts. We’re still enjoying. Like I said, it’s time for gossip.

I am your typical, 9-5 robot, BUT I have interesting friends who will add some humor to this nerdy Blog that will attempt to digitally document random events in our lives. There will probably be no audience in the first 10 years, but we’ll see what happens after that! All I can promise is scandal, money, gambling & all the sins of the world in one complicated web of (hopefully coherent) thoughts.

And here’s the email, when their replied my questions:

Jackson & Melissa are the other two.

PRetty cool idea for a blog, man :-)

best of luck

Thanks, dudes!

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This is the guy who author the book that I read, Designing with Web Standards. Aside from blogging on his domain, he is also the founder and creative director of Happy Cog Studios and A List Apart. He also once a contributor of Web Standards Project. In short, he is quite an important person in web standards. After doing some digging, I find it difficult to find Zeldman’s first post. I only find a post titled My Glamorous Life which has no date (but reading the next post, I guess it was year 2000). So I e-mailed him. And this is the reply that I got.

My first post is from 1995.

It’s no longer available.

If you want, you could use this:

“My first post is from 1995. It’s no longer available.”

Good luck with the project — it’s a great idea, and very cool.

As you wish :) But really 1995 is a long long time ago. Salute!

It’s time for us to write about the Best Page in the Universe. At least that’s what the author, Maddox, proclaimed. I don’t know about the best but he is certainly popular by listed as the number 13 on Technorati 100 Popular Blogs. His first post dated back to July 30, 1998 titled About Stress and Sanity (You Might Go Crazy). That’s a massive archive he got there.

Here’s the deal: you get too stressed out, and you’ll go crazy. They’ll lock you up. Trust me, I know. Everyone has a puddle of sanity in their head. Stress is like a sponge that soaks up sanity. You don’t want it to soak up all your sanity because you’ll lose your grip.

Soon everyone will start calling you names like beaver brains and chowder head. Your only friends will be office supplies. They never laugh at you, or call you names, or pretend like they’re your friends long enough for you to do their homework and stab you in the back while they go out to their fancy parties for fancy people with nice clothes and slick dyed hair, the kind of hair that all the kids try to mimic because they think that the hair will make them cool and saucy and they listen to live and bush, and they go to the canyons and sit around camp fires, holding hands and singing songs like everybody else would do if they had enough time and money or if they had a job that they didn’t have to work at night and day so they could have a few minutes to compose their thoughts and register for school in time so they don’t get jabbed with another $20 late fee that they can’t pay for because they’ve been working long hours for some uncaring corporate demons in a hot, humid, dirty building with gum meaded into the carpets and feces erupting from the toilets with a smell so pungent as to elicit vomiting if not worse, since they’ve been 16 years old, day after day without any rest, ever.

No, office supplies just do what they’re told. They sit there quietly, holding papers together, faxing documents or counting figures. They almost never scream at you and demand answers you don’t have. They always follow orders, and they never talk back. They don’t pretend to be nice and full of integrity while whoring themselves out to every jerk that comes along and woos them with their good looks. Office supplies are friends.

Actually this is not Maddox’s first post. But it was the first that’s accessible for visitors. Here’s what he told us.

My first official post was about communists, and it was one line long: “Commies are dumb.”

But the first post anyone can access is the one in the ’98 page.

Did I mentioned that this is a cool site? :)


  • jtnt: I hate you. I had this idea a couple months ago, I just didn't actually start the site. I even went around and tracked down a few first posts of famou
  • Jim: Maddox would be very unhappy with you
  • firstpost: Hm, yes I think it will be interesting. By saying timeline, do you mean like mapping out the dates of people's first posts? Like: 17 May 2005: Eri