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Posted on: October 8, 2005

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Hicksdesign was started by Jon Hicks in 2002. So it’s the about page says. But the oldest post I can found is dated back to April 25, 2003. I assume that is his first post. The title is it won’t shake the earth.

Welcome to the new experimental area of hicksdesign- all nice clean XHTML and CSS this time. (XHTML appeals to anal types like me, who like tidiness, order and feeling of superiority that comes with it :) ). Not everything is finished yet, but there comes a point when you have to stop fiddling with the design and get some content made (and think of something worthwhile to say…)

So, lets get some content made…


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  • jtnt: I hate you. I had this idea a couple months ago, I just didn't actually start the site. I even went around and tracked down a few first posts of famou
  • Jim: Maddox would be very unhappy with you
  • firstpost: Hm, yes I think it will be interesting. By saying timeline, do you mean like mapping out the dates of people's first posts? Like: 17 May 2005: Eri



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