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Posted on: October 9, 2005

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Khaled Abou Alfa is the author of Broken Kode. Together with some nice people, he collaborate on project Shuttle for WordPress. His first post was on January 4, 2004 titled A New Thought…

Woke up this morning without much of a plan. Usually my sundays are filled with something to do. Today however I wanted a small break from the constant thought that I’ve engulfed myself into the past 2 weeks. This is all due to my book. I have a new found appreciation for well written stories in whatever form they may come. It’s really hard work getting a 150 page graphic novel written. Am I close to the mark? No way. I’ve gotten 40 pages done. 2 weeks 40 pages. This I might add is the third draft. Oh yeas, I’ve got another 2 drafts one which reached a total of 55 pages written and I just scrapped it there and then. Didn’t think twice although had an unbelievable weekend trying to not call myself a complete and utter failure.

The work however will speak for itself, as the story I’ve got now is a lot tighter. What makes me wonder is that I know for a fact that the story will twist and change and evolve into something much more in the weeks to come. It will be better the more I think about it the more I analyse it. So I’m not too upset about the fact that I didn’t meet my deadline. I always blow deadlines anyway.

My next headache came in the form of my discared website that’s been sitting there doing nothing for a while now. Ive been pretty bad for it the last couple of months, but hopefully that should all change in the coming weeks.

I must say I’m pretty proud of how quickly I was able to whip this site together, hell I only thought about sorting out a blog earlier this morning, a true testament to the greatness that is blogger.

When I woke up this morning I didn’t have a blog. Now I do. It’s going to change a great deal in the days to come as I’ve only started scratching the surface of this thing, but here’s hoping it’s a fun experience.

The freqency with which I handle this is all dependant on a few things. Currently I’ve been writing my story and the cogs have been set in motion that will hopefully get it published later on this year. For those that know me, understand what this means to me, I suppose it’s also clear now why I had to learn web design since this is going to be a predominantly web based promotional effort.

Welcome to the start of my dreams becoming a reality. Welcome to my first year actively trying to get published.


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  • jtnt: I hate you. I had this idea a couple months ago, I just didn't actually start the site. I even went around and tracked down a few first posts of famou
  • Jim: Maddox would be very unhappy with you
  • firstpost: Hm, yes I think it will be interesting. By saying timeline, do you mean like mapping out the dates of people's first posts? Like: 17 May 2005: Eri



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