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Donncha O’ Caoimh:

Posted on: October 11, 2005

You can see his name listed on your WordPress sidebar. He is one of the most important person in WordPress. He also take some good photographs. He is Donncha. He first wrote his entry titled Intro on January 1, 1998. Holy Shmoly! :)

I still remember seeing the intro to Microprose Soccer way back in 1989. I can’t even remember who coded the crack intro now, but it and the other intros I saw that year and later gave me the inspiration to try my hand at the amazing graphical effects that were being done. The irony is that a lot of the intros were techologicaly more advanced and better looking than many of the games at the time.

About two and a half years ago I first stumbled across a free version of Unix called Linux. At the time I installed it, a friend of mine installed it to do some mud coding, but we were working on limited hardware. I had a 2 speed CDROM which wasn’t supported (Win95 didn’t either, so naaahhh! :)
It didn’t last long on my system but then RedHat 4.1 was given away on a magazine cover and I installed it on my new P133 and I haven’t looked back since. I’m downloading
Star Office in college right now and it’ll hopefully be finished by the time I get into college on Monday. Once that’s installed the only reason I’ll have to run Win95 is Quake2, and once a bug fixed version of that game is released for Linux.. the sky’s the limit :)

The attitude in the Linux community is to share and spread your source code so others can contribute and help make your programs better. It works too. Take a look at The Cathedral and the Bazaar for an insight into this mindset and a different way of developing software.

Unfortunetly the demo scene is nothing like this. Although there’s a huge amount of documentation on demo effects, with plenty of source code, it’s a much more competitive environment to be active in. Source code for demos is rarely released, and coders jealously guard their work. The demo scene of course doesn’t lend itself easily to the Linux/Free Software philosophy, but it could.

This site is going to be all about code, algorithms, tools, compilers & cross-compilers, innovative ideas, and more.

Initially I’ll give you links to my favourite sites on the ‘net for coding and most of them will be directed more towards Linux/Unix than DOS/Windows. Thankfully there has been a major effort on the part of Linux coders to create portable code and apps so there should be something for everyone here.

UPDATE: So I e-mailed Donncha myself and got a reply. I think I should do this more often to other people so I can know more than what’s on their blogs. Here’s his email.

Hey Eric,

First off, “Donncha” is the Irish for “Dennis”, and I’m very much a guy. I really should put a small pic online because others have queried that too!

Feel free to link to that post. Although my first (surviving) site is at which was last modified in 1997 apparently!

I’ll look forward to seeing your firstpost about my first post :)



5 Responses to "Donncha O’ Caoimh:"

Thanks for mentioning me, but I just help out a little with WordPress stuff, do this and that, you know. Not really important at all, just little ol’ me, sitting in my corner.. :)

The intro post you linked to above was actually written on my previous site, DemoNix, hosted at which I thankfully found on many years after.
I can’t be sure if they two events are connected, but shortly after my site was mentioned on slashdot, went offline for several hours.. heh. I still like to think it was a slashdotting!

[…] It’s the cry that gets up everyone’s goat on online forums, especially slashdot, but Eric setiawan runs First Post where he blogs about people’s first posts. My first post got that treatment today, going all the way back to 1998. A lot has happened since! Related Stories (first, post!) […]

Hi Donncha, we should be very honoured by digging, archiving and publishing your first post right here. And we are!

First post is a ‘gold’ for most people and just a ‘dust’ for some people. And all we have to do right here just collecting the ‘gold’ and trying to make some fun of it and we believe that is a right choice. Once, We had a plan to make the First Post! in paid domain & host. But we didn’t and we will not. We will use this account as optimal as possible :)

Yes, I think you’d got slashdot effect! Haha..Donncha, why do you always use word ‘xeer’ at your blog/flickr account? Is it your family name? Or, is it something special for you?

[…] And then Donncha as one of the leading developers of WordPress and the man behind of WordPress MU, beside of giving comment in Donncha’s first post in First Post! he also posted about ours and our blog has been linked by him. Thanks Donncha! It’s the cry that gets up everyone’s goat on online forums, especially slashdot, but Eric setiawan runs First Post where he blogs about people’s first posts. My first post got that treatment today, going all the way back to 1998. A lot has happened since! […]

Hi Donncha. No problem, it’s a pleasure to be able to write your first post. Afterall you are indeed very important in WP along with Matt, Alex, Carthik, Mike, Dougal, Ryan um who’s not mentioned yet? :) We will keep going on, archiving everybody’s first posts, do our best. But I got one question for you Donncha.

How is your feeling now when reading your first post? :) Did you read your old posts oftenly?

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