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Firda Beka:

Posted on: October 11, 2005

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Firda is an Indonesian who now live in Canada. Her blog has won several Bloggies Awards in the past. But what I admire the most from her is that she came from zero blogging experience but look at her now. That was an amazing development of a person and it should give a boost of motivation for new bloggers. She wrote her first post amazingly on February 20, 2000. No post title, no comment section, this must be the old Who is the first Indonesian blogger?

You see, I’m a web geek wannabe. I noticed that most real web geeks have a account, so I decided to get myself one too just so that people would think I’m a real geek. I know, I’m pathetic. But I really, really want to be a geek. Will you teach me how to be one? Is there some kind of a dress code or something? I’m clueless, as ever.


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  • jtnt: I hate you. I had this idea a couple months ago, I just didn't actually start the site. I even went around and tracked down a few first posts of famou
  • Jim: Maddox would be very unhappy with you
  • firstpost: Hm, yes I think it will be interesting. By saying timeline, do you mean like mapping out the dates of people's first posts? Like: 17 May 2005: Eri



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