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Posted on: October 11, 2005

Silvia Hendarta, usually known as Sisil, can be considered as one of the first Indonesian blogger. She is also among the few Indonesian who wrote her entries in English. Aside from being a blogger, she is also a graphic/product designer. And a good photographer too. Her first post titled First Post dated back to 9 November 2001. Even among the international bloggers, that date is incredibly old. I think she could be one of the first to blog.

Trying this out. Posting thoughts on the net – interesting concept. I’m too lazy even to keep a written journal – wonder how longl I will be posting things here?

Thanks to Sisil for giving us the link to her first post.

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I believe Firda’s blog is older (Weblog Wannabe)

Hi, Ephi. Thanks for coming. Yes, I know Firda and she blogged like from the year 2000. That’s really old. That’s why I wrote Sisil as “one of the first” and not “the first”. I will add Firda’s first post on our next entry, just wait and see ;)

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  • jtnt: I hate you. I had this idea a couple months ago, I just didn't actually start the site. I even went around and tracked down a few first posts of famou
  • Jim: Maddox would be very unhappy with you
  • firstpost: Hm, yes I think it will be interesting. By saying timeline, do you mean like mapping out the dates of people's first posts? Like: 17 May 2005: Eri



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