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Evan “Blogger” Williams:

Posted on: October 19, 2005

Remember the orange “B” favicon on your blog? Most of the newbie blogger use it. Some of my friends still use it. Well, what do you know? Many old-time bloggers start their journey here. So did I. That is Blogger and this is the first post of the once called “head blogger guy”. Evan Williams is (was) the co-founder and CEO of Pyra Labs who created Blogger in 1999 (later being acquired by Google on 2003). His first post was a short post with no actual title (except what the permalink stated as “I just got new DSL connection via” which was the first line of that post). The date was February 4, 1999. Here it is.

I just got a new DSL connection via PacBell Internet. I had my doubts — dealing with the phone company and all — that it was ever going to happen, and there were some snafus: they did keep their appt. (2 weeks after I’d ordered it), but the 2-hour installation stretched into six (and still wasn’t completed). The installer was pretty clueless. But it was all worth it. It’s the “slow” one: 384k – 1.5mb downstream/128k upstream ($49/month), but oh-my-god is it fast! Faster even than most corporate connections I’ve been on. I’ve dreampt of this day. The world is a brighter place! :)

Oh yes Ev, the world is a brighter place now :) Here is what Evan himself said over email.

Hi, Eric. Sounds cool.

Yes, that was my first *public* post. Evhead was my own private note-taking space, living on my desktop, before I made it public. The script I used to publish it was repurposed for an internal blog at Pyra, then turned into a public blog for Pyra, then turne into Blogger. (Evhead was moved over to Blogger a few months later.)


[Thanks to Evan and thanks, Puji for the link]


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Hi, I was using blogger too :)

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