First Post!


Wikipedia says that

“First Post!” is an internet phenomenon on internet discussion groups (notably Slashdot and LiveJournal), where participants strive to be the first person to “post” a comment to a new article or discussion thread.

No, we are not looking for the first comment but we trully search for the very first post of somebody else (not us) that catches our attention. We know that blogging is all about updated entries, thus you look for the latest post. Sometimes you look for an older post that interest you, but usually not the first one. Do you think first post is unimportant? We thought otherwise. We thought first post is something special and memorable. And if the author is someone popular you can see what s/he write at the first time. And by doing this, we hope that we can encourage all of you to write a special first post. Not for us but for yourself. Believe us, it will be fun :) But chances are when you reading this page, you already have a weblog running and already passed the first post by far. No problem, you can start telling other newcomer to do this. And then give us the link of what you think the coolest ever first post to us at firstpostblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Please note that this is not our main and full time project but is indeed full of fun. So while we want to keep this blog daily updated, some circumstances may prevent us from doing so. Please stay with us at those time. And if we post many many entries at one day, then probably we are: 1) Bored to death. 2) Don’t have anything better to do. 3) Inspired! Finding many first posts that are actually great always got us inspired. 4) Got fired from our current job.

First Post! bloggers are:

  • Eric Setiawan
    Sometimes also known as Just Relax! but now using his full name as his identity. Started his blogging time from Friendster Blog then Yahoo!360 then Blogger then Blogsome and now running triple blogs at his own domain, and including this one. His blogging “carrier” may be short but he is undoubtly full of spirit. Really? Nice. Not much but enough :)
  • Budi Sukmana
    A.k.a. Simply Lotus. Also started his blogging time from Friendster Blog then Yahoo!360 then Blogger and now running triple blogs at his own domain, and this one. His blogging “carrier” is also short but he has the talent to connect with many different people. And he always seem to find the funny links. Sometimes unimportant but always interesting.
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    • None
    • jtnt: I hate you. I had this idea a couple months ago, I just didn't actually start the site. I even went around and tracked down a few first posts of famou
    • Jim: Maddox would be very unhappy with you
    • firstpost: Hm, yes I think it will be interesting. By saying timeline, do you mean like mapping out the dates of people's first posts? Like: 17 May 2005: Eri



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