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Anonymuis is not the same with anonymous. She began blogging anonymously in the month of September, 3 years ago. I was trying to dig into her archive and found her write something okay! on 19th September 2002 as her very first post.

okay now let me see,i just got this blogtool from somewhere hmmm….i hope this won’t be bad idea that i’ve regis. this blog.Let me see that i don’t need book and pen again to write abt my daily day…


Another entry about Indonesian blogger. But not just an ordinary one. He is considered by many Indonesian bloggers as the founding father of Indonesian blog (hm, it is “Bapak blog Indonesia” I hope I got the English translation right). He is currently was (Thanks, Enda!) working as a copywriter. I see he is quite active in Indonesian blog community. He is also a contributor in Global Voices. You can see his first post on September 26, 2001 titled Post Pertama. Note: The link goes to Enda’s current blog at While actually his first post were still using Blogger and hosted by tripod. You can also see his first post on his old blog.

Post pertama gue setelah gue ga sengaja ketemu ama Blogger :)
Gue bikin juga sih yang personal journal.. but since that one is personal ya berarti ga gue liat-liatin dong.
Dan yang personal itu lebih pertama dari yang ini. Sebelom ketemu Blog ini gue juga udah mikir2x gimana caranya bikin personal journal yang gampang diupdate, tapi juga ga males ngisi karena gampang dan ada di tempat yg bisa aksesible ke gue..dan untung akhirnya gue ketemu caranya..

Jadi.. apaan sebenernya Blog?
Blog merupaka kependekan dari Weblog dimana seseorang bikin log dari perjalanan di di web. Dimulai dari pertama kali internet ada. blog pertama mungkin yg dibuat sama pencipta Mosaic, Marc Adreesen sama halaman What’s New-nya.. sejak itu ada beberapa orang lagi yang buat Blog juga.
Tapi kemudian jadi banyak banget setelah ada si Blogger ini. Blogger ini adalah layanan gratis buat orang2x yang mau bikin Blog juga, selain dia masih ada beberapa lagi layanan online dan juga yang berupa aplikasi.
Blog awalnya berguna karena dia bertindak semacam filter informasi yang ter-compile oleh seseorang dengan preference, kesenengan, dan sentiment dia. Adaa orang2x yang rada2x ga ada kerjaan.
Tapi kemudian ada beberapa website Blog yang kemudia jadi ngetop banget dimana orang2x pada ngikutin apa yang dia kerjain.
Dan akhirnya jadi itu, ga sekedar apa yg dikerjain di internet, tapi juga apa yg dipikirin, apa yg dikerjain masuk juga.. dan fine by me aja..

Buat yang pengen tahu sejarah Blog bisa dilihat di An Incomplete Annotated History of Weblogs sama di Weblogs: A History and Perspective

Blog gue ini bakal ada disini skrg, dan kamu yg -entah kenapa- berminat mengikuti perjalanan gue.. ceilee.. bisa datang dan pergi ke website ini..
Buat kamu yang pengen bikin Blog juga silakan aja datang ke Blogger, ga susah kok tapi perlu pengetahuan tentang HTML dikit.

Ok buat terciptanya Blog gue ini gue perlu mengucapkan terimakasih sama Blogger dan juga Togap Siagian yang menunjukkan ke Blogger secara ga sengaja.

For now.. BLOG ON!

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Andy and his blog is surely popular. Right now he is listed as number 66 on Technorati 100 Popular Blogs. His first post was… well apparently there was no title on it. But the date was on April 14, 2002. All I got is that two words on his permalink “the_basi”, what is that supposed to mean? UPDATE: Okay, just follow the permalink and you will see.. yes, it’s Andy’s first post’s title “The Basic Idea”. So, that’s what the_basi means :)

So, I’ve never really had a personal website. For the last seven years or so, I used the Generic Website as a placeholder for a site that never came. Sure, there were always little nooks and crannies hiding under that blank page, but I figured it was finally time for something a little more substantial.

I can’t promise I’ll keep to these, but here are the rules:

1. No journaling, unless it’s relevant to people who don’t know me. Example: “Today I went down to 7-11 and bought a Slurpee. Strawberry is my favorite flavor!”

2. No tired memes, unless I have something to add. Example: “Take this quiz and find out which Smurf you are! I’m Jokey!”

3. Be original.

Thanks to the close friends who, until this point, have put up with my endless links and web commentary in instant messages and e-mail.

You can see his name listed on your WordPress sidebar. He is one of the most important person in WordPress. He also take some good photographs. He is Donncha. He first wrote his entry titled Intro on January 1, 1998. Holy Shmoly! :)

I still remember seeing the intro to Microprose Soccer way back in 1989. I can’t even remember who coded the crack intro now, but it and the other intros I saw that year and later gave me the inspiration to try my hand at the amazing graphical effects that were being done. The irony is that a lot of the intros were techologicaly more advanced and better looking than many of the games at the time.

About two and a half years ago I first stumbled across a free version of Unix called Linux. At the time I installed it, a friend of mine installed it to do some mud coding, but we were working on limited hardware. I had a 2 speed CDROM which wasn’t supported (Win95 didn’t either, so naaahhh! :)
It didn’t last long on my system but then RedHat 4.1 was given away on a magazine cover and I installed it on my new P133 and I haven’t looked back since. I’m downloading
Star Office in college right now and it’ll hopefully be finished by the time I get into college on Monday. Once that’s installed the only reason I’ll have to run Win95 is Quake2, and once a bug fixed version of that game is released for Linux.. the sky’s the limit :)

The attitude in the Linux community is to share and spread your source code so others can contribute and help make your programs better. It works too. Take a look at The Cathedral and the Bazaar for an insight into this mindset and a different way of developing software.

Unfortunetly the demo scene is nothing like this. Although there’s a huge amount of documentation on demo effects, with plenty of source code, it’s a much more competitive environment to be active in. Source code for demos is rarely released, and coders jealously guard their work. The demo scene of course doesn’t lend itself easily to the Linux/Free Software philosophy, but it could.

This site is going to be all about code, algorithms, tools, compilers & cross-compilers, innovative ideas, and more.

Initially I’ll give you links to my favourite sites on the ‘net for coding and most of them will be directed more towards Linux/Unix than DOS/Windows. Thankfully there has been a major effort on the part of Linux coders to create portable code and apps so there should be something for everyone here.

UPDATE: So I e-mailed Donncha myself and got a reply. I think I should do this more often to other people so I can know more than what’s on their blogs. Here’s his email.

Hey Eric,

First off, “Donncha” is the Irish for “Dennis”, and I’m very much a guy. I really should put a small pic online because others have queried that too!

Feel free to link to that post. Although my first (surviving) site is at which was last modified in 1997 apparently!

I’ll look forward to seeing your firstpost about my first post :)


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Firda is an Indonesian who now live in Canada. Her blog has won several Bloggies Awards in the past. But what I admire the most from her is that she came from zero blogging experience but look at her now. That was an amazing development of a person and it should give a boost of motivation for new bloggers. She wrote her first post amazingly on February 20, 2000. No post title, no comment section, this must be the old Who is the first Indonesian blogger?

You see, I’m a web geek wannabe. I noticed that most real web geeks have a account, so I decided to get myself one too just so that people would think I’m a real geek. I know, I’m pathetic. But I really, really want to be a geek. Will you teach me how to be one? Is there some kind of a dress code or something? I’m clueless, as ever.

Silvia Hendarta, usually known as Sisil, can be considered as one of the first Indonesian blogger. She is also among the few Indonesian who wrote her entries in English. Aside from being a blogger, she is also a graphic/product designer. And a good photographer too. Her first post titled First Post dated back to 9 November 2001. Even among the international bloggers, that date is incredibly old. I think she could be one of the first to blog.

Trying this out. Posting thoughts on the net – interesting concept. I’m too lazy even to keep a written journal – wonder how longl I will be posting things here?

Thanks to Sisil for giving us the link to her first post.

Joichi Ito or Joi Ito, is the most famous Japanese Blogger who writes the entries in both of English and Japanese. He’s also a chairman of Six Apart. When I digged into his entries, the oldest post I’ve found is belong to the year 2003. Exactly on 1st July 2003 1993 (thanks for the correction, Joi!), which title is Howard Mentioned me in Wired!. Is there any blogging tools twelve years ago? Hm…I don’t think so. I just don’t know.

A flattering article in Wired from 1993. Actually, Cyrus read this article and emailed me. He introduced me to the rest of the initial Eccosys team… So it all kind of started with this article


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